Chelsea Ford Transmission PTO

Ford transmission PTO

Chelsea Parker PTO for Ford transmission, 247 series, and 248 series. The Power Take-Off for the Ford TorqShift Transmissions. Choose the 247 Series for 5 speed automatic TorqShift MY2010 and prior and the 248 series for 6 speed automatic TorqShift 6 MY2011 and after. With the 4 X 2 applications, you can achieve pump flows up to 31 GPM with your engine at 1200 RPM. Four wheel drive applications can reach up to 15 GPM at 1200 engine RPM. The 247 series has the option of Electronic Overspeed Control.
All Chelsea PTO’s in stock ready to ship worldwide. Chelsea 247 series PTO, for Ford Super Duty Trucks with Ford TorqShift. Both offer a reduced installation time, with only one hose to connect to the PTO. Integrated hydraulic valve and pressure switch in the PTO Housing. New Chelsea supplied controlled compression gasket.
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Chelsea 247 Series PTO

Chelsea 247 Series Power Take-Off (PTO) specifically designed to fit the Ford 5R140 (TorqShift) automatic transmission used in Ford Super Duty F-Series trucks with a gas engine and 5 speed automatic transmission. The PTO operates in all gears and offers superior workload capabilities. It works on both 4 wheel and 2 wheel drive versions.  The 247Series was Ford tested tough for a rugged reliable PTO. The Chelsea series 247 PTO is a great choice for tow and recovery, aerial, dump truck and service vehicle applications.

Chelsea 247 Series PTO for Ford trucks

247 Series PTO

Chelsea 247 Series Housing Dimensions

247 series housing dimensions
Chelsea 247 Series PTO Owners Manual

PTO for Ford Transmissions Specifications 247F Series
Standard Output Shaft Size 1-1/4″ Round Shaft w/ key
Intermittent Torque Rating (Lbs. ft) 120
Intermittent Torque Rating (N.m.) 163
Horsepower Rating for Intermittent Service
At 1848 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (HP) 42
At 1848 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (Kw) 32
Approximate Weight 20 lbs.(9 kg)

Chelsea 248 Series PTO

The 248 Series Power Take-Off (P.T.O.) is designed for Ford model year 2011 Super Duty Trucks with Ford’s six (6) speed “TorqShift 6” transmission. This transmission features a P.T.O. transmission gear, located in front of the transmission torque converter. The engine driven (live drive) P.T.O. gear now provides you with continuous power to the P.T.O. and opens up applications that were not available when the P.T.O. gear was located behind the torque converter. Chelsea and  Ford engineering have worked as a team to provide you with the P.T.O. that will meet all your application requirements. The 248 series PTO provides maximum clearance for your tough applications.

248 Series Che;sea PTO

248 Series PTO

PTO for Ford Transmissions Specifications 248F Series
Standard Output Shaft Size 1-1/4″ Round Shaft w/ key
Intermittent Torque Rating (Lbs. ft) 200
Intermittent Torque Rating (N.m.) 271
Horsepower Rating for Intermittent Service
At 1488 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (HP) 57
At 1488 R.P.M. of Output Shaft (Kw) 42
Approximate Weight 25 lbs.(11 kg)

Chelsea 249 Series PTO

Chelsea’s NEW 249 Series features a Patent Pending Noise Suppression System. This unique design concept will provide you with a PTO that is best in class
for reduced noise when installed on the TorqueShift™ 6 Automatic Transmission with the Engine Driven Gear. The new concept reduces the torsional noise levels
that are found on most PTO applications for these trucks. The combination of the Chelsea 249 Series and the Parker T6C vane pump will provide you with greater
flows and pressures than were previously available.

Chelsea 249 Series PTO for Ford trucks

247 Series PTO

Chelsea 249 Series Housing Dimensions

249 series housing dimensions
Chelsea 249V Series PTO Owners Manual